Friday, June 24, 2011

What Once Were Nucs are now 10 Frame

Things were getting a little tight in the new apiary so I decided to build and install a new hive rack. I want to split some older hives on the hill and move the splits here. Also the three nucs that I started from packages were busting out so I upgraded two of them to 10 frame. 

Nucs upgraded to 10 frame

The short hives on the left are the 10 frame hives resulting from the upgrade. I had stacked the nucs four high and they were becoming unstable so I had no choice but to go to larger digs.
The bees that went into these nucs were from packages that were not wanted by the buyers so I used nucs in case they changed their minds later and wanted the bees. They never did so now I have them.

Additional rack installed on right

You can see the old nuc boxes on the new hive rack on the right. The racks are 2x6 lumber, eight feet long, 20 inches deep(front to back) and 18 inches high. The legs are about 12 inches deep in the ground. The rack will hold four hives.
They are very solid. You could do a River Dance on them with no problem.

Retired Nucs

These are the now empty nucs facing backward sitting on the new rack. These are handy boxes to have around.

Drive space behind hives

I'm trying to keep a drive space between the tree line and the back of the hives. This lets me drive the truck right up to where I need to be so I can work off the tailgate of the truck. Nice, nice, very nice...

Note on the right I have that one remaining nuc to transition into a 10 frame. I didn't have enough supers to pull it off last weekend so it had to wait.
So much to do...