Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Split Success(I Think)

I split three hives back on July 2. See previous entry for how I set this up in advance. Here is the latest status.

After one day, of the three hives two of them still had a good many bees. One of the hives appears to have lost half of its bees back to the old hive about 1000 feet away. I cured this by robbing two frames of capped brood and moving it into the depleted split to grow the population.

On this same day(queenless for over 24 hours) I introduced new queens into the hives. These are the golden queens from Koehnen in California. I opened the cages and allowed the attendant bees to escape. I then replaced the corks. I do not allow the bees to release the queens. I like to have control of this myself(control freak that I am).

I checked back in four days and the bees were still all over the cage. Not good. I waited two more days and observed the same thing. I decided to move the queens into these frame length introduction cages(in picture) which have alot more surface area for the queen to communicate and come back mid week to give them a few more days with the queen. Sorry for the pic quality. All I had was my iPhone.

Well tonight I was pleased to see that only a few bees were crawling on the cages and they had all built these little beards of comb underneath the cage under the queen. Great! This is what I am looking for. I went ahead and opened the hatch to allow the queens to escape. I'll check back this weekend to see if the queens are laying and hopefully find them still alive...


Karessa said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I picked up my queen from the supplier and noted that she was very small (caged for 4 days previosuly). When I checked on her 2 days after introducing her cage, she was much larger so I knew they were feeding her. I could actually see them feeding her the day I released her. Now there is a lovely brood pattern. I like the idea of those larger intro frames. I think being in the regular small intro cage is just TOO small, doesn't seem right. Anna