Saturday, July 16, 2011

Split Success(Now I Know)

I released new queens into three splits this past Wednesday three days ago. I went through all three of the splits today looking for either egg laying or the queens themselves. I sure have been lucky lately as I found all three of the plump queens wandering around on a frame. They were all alive and well! The splits are a success.

I should start seeing emerging bees sometime around August 4th. I'm hoping that in the third hive I looked at the new bees from theses queens are gentler than the ones that came from the old hive. They were all over me as dug deeper into the hive looking for eggs. I was stung several times in my shoulder but after the first two just winced a little with each attack and kept going.

I was cleaning out a bluebird box today and irritated a wasp nest that was in the top of the box. One of them came out and hit me on the wrist. It hurt for a minute but now several hours later I can barely tell where the sting is other than the little mark it left.


Barbara said...

Congratulations Steve on your successful splits.

Barb in Ontario

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, which sting hurt the worse? The bee sting or the wasp sting.
Rich Ware

Steve said...

The wasp sting. It was a drive-by sting. It flew out of the box hit my wrist, stung, and kept on flying. It swelled up with a little red dot in the center but faded quickly.