Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purple Honey

I was working the hives this past week and discovered several frames of capped honey. The bees were filling the space between the frames with comb and when I broke it open the honey inside had a purple tint to it. The only thing in bloom right now is the Kudzu Vine with its' purple flowers. Finally something good comes from Kudzu!

Of course I had to take several samples to see what it tasted like and let me tell you it is very delicious. I was able to pull out 12 frames of this stuff and bring it home to extract it. I ended up with a half bucket of the stuff. This is good timing as we are having a honey sample tasting at the club meeting this week.

Check out the pictures.
Broken comb with a purple tint.

You can see it here in the white bucket.

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Christopher Beeson said...

That is such a neat tint of honey!