Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purple Honey

I was working the hives this past week and discovered several frames of capped honey. The bees were filling the space between the frames with comb and when I broke it open the honey inside had a purple tint to it. The only thing in bloom right now is the Kudzu Vine with its' purple flowers. Finally something good comes from Kudzu!

Of course I had to take several samples to see what it tasted like and let me tell you it is very delicious. I was able to pull out 12 frames of this stuff and bring it home to extract it. I ended up with a half bucket of the stuff. This is good timing as we are having a honey sample tasting at the club meeting this week.

Check out the pictures.
Broken comb with a purple tint.

You can see it here in the white bucket.


Christopher Beeson said...

That is such a neat tint of honey!

peregrinfarms said...

Beautiful honey! We live in the Sandhills region of NC and harvested some purple honey last year. Ours appears much darker than what you have pictured here. Take a look over at our blog for pictures.
I had heard there was a small region in GA that would harvest purple honey, but had not been able to find a beek that had done so first hand. I would love to chat and compare/contrast and exchange samples (if you still have any).