Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bees and Comb

The three hives I still have on the hillside are just going crazy with bees. I opened this one up and found lots of bees and comb being drawn in the feeding space.
I don't know where they are getting the honey from unless they found a feral hive somewhere and are robbing it. I don't think they are robbing my other hives. This honey has a bitter taste to it but it's still good.

Upper view of the comb being drawn on the underside of the inner cover. There's bees all over the place.

This is the hive right next to the one with the comb. There are tons of bees and they are starting to draw out some comb also. They had completely consumed the bee candy I left for them last time. I put more candy up here but it seems they have found a food source somewhere.
 Why would they be doing this so soon in the season?? These hives are going to have to be split come March/April.


Randy Emmitt said...


The bees here in NC are getting maple like crazy, most of the maples are blooming right now. The landing board looks very busy!!

Borsos Méhészet said...

Here in Hungary the temperature descended to -15ºF this morning. I'm a bit worried 'cause my queens have started laying eggs & I'm not sure the colonies can keep up the right temperature inside the hives.

Christopher Beeson said...

Here in St. Louis MO we had a week or two of warm temps recently in the last half of January. The trees started budding, the grass turned green, and bees were bringing in pollen. Now they're calling for a high temperature of 20*F this weekend, and several inches of snow by Monday.

I too am concerned that flipping back to cold weather after having such a warm thaw isn't going to be good for them.

It's been a very warmer than usual winter so far...but like I've heard others say, winter isn't over for us yet!