Sunday, April 15, 2012

Package Installation Day

I spent the day yesterday picking up package bees and installing them in waiting hives. I have seven hives that need bees and pre-ordered five packages last fall. I'll have to do some splits to fill out the other two hives.

Three of the target hives. They were prepared in advance with frames of pollen, drawn comb, and a small amount of honey to get them started. I just have to hang the queen in the middle and dump the bees out into the hive.
I can fit three hives comfortably on an this eight foot long rack. I have space between to park supers and covers while I work.
These bees had been driving all day in the back of the truck and were a little testy by the time I got them in the hive. Now they can settle in and make a new home for themselves. They are flying about here finding their way in and orienting themselves to their new location.
I finished painting the last of the 50 supers I bought last fall and assembled over winter. Since they have brand new foundation I just store them out in the beeyard for easy access.

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Marks Bees said...

Wonderful Steve! Glad to see you're still blogging and posting the latest updates. I'm back after a seven-month lapse in blogging (life got a little hectic) so stop by say hello! And good luck with the new girls! -Mark